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“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.”
-Winston Churchill, 1945

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Churchill recognized the dangers of German rearmament after their defeat in the First World War. He was also a vehement opponent of Communism and remained so even throughout Britain’s alliance with the Soviet Union in World War 2.

Churchill wasn’t without his faults and he made more than his fair share of mistakes which we can look back on now and deconstruct.

He was also, however, the best politician to lead Britain through the war and without him history would have turned out much differently.

This is the second page of a collection of Winston Churchill pictures, here focusing on the latter part of Churchill’s life.
To learn more about the “British Bulldog’s” life, see the Winston Churchill Timeline here.

churchill-with-clementine Churchill with his wife, Clementine
in 1915.

winston-churchill-picturesWinston Churchill in a famous photo from 1940 in a pin-stripe suit and bowler hat, with a cigar and a tommy gun! This photo was also used on German propaganda leaflets with the caption "Wanted - for incitement to Murder".

churchill-in-warA little less Hollywood, a little more realistic - Churchill was
inspecting the troops when he tried out the gun.

churchill-world-war-IIChurchill made famous the forward "V" hand signal, but as he
proves here he was also capable of doing it the other way around!

churchill-cairo-conferenceChurchill (right) at the Cairo Conference with Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek and Franklin D. Roosevelt on November 25, 1943. This took place shortly before the Tehran conference at which the leaders met Stalin.

churchill-vChurchill giving the "V" sign in Canada in 1944. To his right
stands the Canadian Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King.

churchill-montgomeryChurchill (centre) meets Field Marshall Sir Alan Brooke
and General Mongomery in Normandy, June 12, 1944.

churchill-pictureChurchill in Germany after crossing the Rhine River
on March 25, 1945.

churchill-1961Winston Churchill talks to American financier Bernard Baruch
in the back of a car in 1961.

winston-churchill-colour-portraitA colour portrait of Winston Churchill in front of the Union Flag.

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